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Most lillyrose jewelry is made of stainless steel or copper with a layer of gold plating. Each material has its own characteristics and qualities. On each product page it is stated from which material the piece of jewelery is made. Below we describe the materials you will find with us and what you can expect from them!


The vast majority of our collection consists of jewelry made of stainless steel. Stainless steel can withstand scratches, is 100% allergy-free and never discolours ! The jewelry can even withstand water and is therefore ideal if you like to wear your jewelry 24/7.


You will also find gold plated jewelry in our collection. These jewelry are made of gold-plated copper on which a layer of gold is then applied. Gold plated jewelry contains a protective layer, but it can still happen that the material wears out. How long the jewelry will stay beautiful depends on various factors: the thickness of the layer of gold, the PH value of your skin and whether the jewelry frequently comes into contact with chemical substances (such as creams, shower gel and the like). So handle the jewelry with care to keep it beautiful for as long as possible. A tip for keeping gold plated jewelery looking good for longer: apply a layer of transparent nail polish. This way the jewelry stays protected for longer and therefore also beautiful for longer! Do you like to wear your jewelry all day long and don't like taking off your jewelry when you take a shower or wash your hands? Then choose our stainless steel collection!

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